Our guest is Jan Kilström, CEO Continental Europe at Keolis Group. 

We discuss following key aspects of the European shared mobility market:  

  • What are aspects of the business potential within shared mobility in Europe today?  
  • What needs to happen for the European Union to achieve its ambitions? 
  • How do you move from individual to shared mobility in practice? 
  • What pre-requisites are important for investments within shared mobility? 

About the market 

Transport stands for approximately 20% of global CO2 emissions and 25% of the European CO2 emissions. The transported volumes keep growing and at the same time ambitious targets to lower the environmental impact of the sector have been put forward by the EU. Which opportunities and challenges does this imply for Keolis?


Keolis Group is a global leader in shared mobility with a turnover of 7Bn Euros. Across 13 countries, Keolis’ 68,000 employees work on a daily basis to offer an appealing alternative to the private car. In doing so, Keolis delivers on its determination to accelerate the ecological transition. The company’s detailed knowledge of local communities, ability to understand and anticipate citizens' mobility needs and expertise in innovative, efficient transport solutions makes Keolis a leading partner for Public Transport Authorities worldwide.