Our guest is Henrik Sætness, EVP for Corporate Staff at Statkraft. He is also responsible for a number of functions including the Statkraft strategy development and the long-term analysis of markets of operations. 

We discuss following key aspects in the European renewables sector:  

  • What are the risks and opportunities of current developments for the renewables sector in Europe? 
  • Will Europe meet it’s Repower EU target of 45% share of renewables? 
  • How does Statskraft set its investment agenda?  
  • What is the key when acquiring a company? 

About the market 

Between 300-400 billion US Dollars are being invested in renewables globally every year, which is the one of the strongest mega trends in the energy sector for years.  


Statkraft is Europe's largest producer of renewable energy with almost six 6,000 employees across 21 countries in Europe South America and Asia. The focus for Statkraft ahead is fourfold: clean flexibility, leveraging on hydro power, accelerating solar and wind energy as well as battery storage, green markets solution and to invest in and scale new green energy technologies.