The Belt and Road Initiative is China’s global development strategy to build connectivity and economic co-operation between Asia, Europe and Africa. The current global healthcare pandemic is expected to impact investments and many countries involved. Some investments will be delayed while others will be accelerated to meet the new supply chain landscape and the need to mitigate risks. 

Join our free webinar to hear from our expert team in Asia share regional knowledge and insights about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, as well as analysis from our latest study. The Business Sweden team will explore how companies can target certain areas for sales opportunities, how to utilise logistic solutions to mitigate risk, and the potential positive and negative impact to Swedish companies’ footprints in Asia.

Webinar guest:

Christer Cedervall, Director Integrated Logistics at Stena, Sweden

Christer Cedervall has 30 years’ experience in global supply chain management and leadership, primarily from SKF. This includes management roles in supply chain and business development, most recently as responsible for the global logistics and supply chain operation in Europe, China, Asia, and the Americas. Since 2019 Christer works in Stena with business development within the field of logistics services.

Webinar hosts:

Per Portén, Head of Shanghai Office, China
Per Portén has over 14 years’ experience in management consultancy, primarily in China and APAC, but also in Sub-Saharan Africa and South America. Since 2006, as part of Business Sweden, he has worked with Swedish MNCs and SMEs across a board range of industries providing market analysis, growth expansion support and risk management.

Robin AgnéConsultantChina
Robin Agné has five years’ experience as a management consultant in China, working on various content projects including sourcing and supply chain related strategies and challenges as well as market analysis and growth strategies for MNCs and SMEs across the industry spectrum.

For more information and registration:

Please contact Per Portén to register or if you have any questions.