As part of Team Sweden’s effort to support businesses from all parts of Sweden we strive for a broad representation of Swedish businesses and sectors to participate in this two-day business delegation. The delegation is organized in conjunction with the BNC and led by the Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs, Ms. Anna Hallberg. Team Sweden encourages companies to nominate female delegates. 

Participating in BNC business delegation presents a unique platform to contribute to the dialogue concerning the ongoing and future bilateral relations between South Africa and Sweden. This year, some of the suggested themes include, but are not limited to, the future labour market, sustainability, digitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

BNC provides a unique opportunity to push your company’s strategic agenda in South Africa, through several platforms including company round-table meetings, individual meetings and networking sessions to discuss the opportunities and challenges of investing and working in South Africa. Delegates will not only receive an updated perspective on the South African macroeconomy, political situation and emerging business opportunities; but will also be offered a platform to exchange ideas, engage and develop relations with top South African business representatives, entrepreneurs, executives and political leaders.  

For more information and registration:

Please see the attached invite for more information and registration.