Report launch and webinar

Southeast Asia (SEA) – with its population of 557 million, high levels of economic growth and a strategic location situated in the confluence of major trade routes – is ready to propel into the next frontier of development and to realise its full potential. Transport, construction and energy sectors are developing rapidly in a region realising one of the largest emission growths per capita in the world.

The fast growing energy market is challenging the supply demand curve. Fossil fuel resources forecasted to not last for long is pushing the region towards new viable solutions causing policy makers to escalate their efforts toward a more sustainable energy transformation. Countries have aggressive plans and targets in place for implementation of renewable energy, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

SEA offers vast opportunities for development of renewable energy, but is however lacking in access to suitable technologies and forefront solutions where Swedish companies have a lot to offer and are well suited to support the region.

This webinar gives an overview of the energy sector in the following SEA countries; Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand and provide an understanding of how the countries differ in terms of current energy mix, sustainability of energy provision and prioritized investment areas.

The report has been prepared by Business Sweden on behalf of and in collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency. During the webinar you will hear from Business Sweden’s SEA team as well as from a Swedish company already successfully operating within the energy sector in the region.

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