The coronavirus pandemic has casted businesses large and small, in every market, into a period of uncertainty and complex change. We now see increased need for sustainability, digitalization, electrification, AI, re-thinking of supply chains as well as new collaborations and new business models.

As multi-lateral collaborations are shaking and protectionist headwinds blow stronger, the need for trustable business relations increase. We have many reasons to believe in a strong Nordic foundation for future sustainable business growth. The time to start acting on these is now. Together we have the innovations and solutions to meet the global challenges.


● Welcome and Introduction
● Global economic outlook in the light of the Covid19-crisis - Lena Sellgren, Chief Economist, Business Sweden
● A Nordic macroeconomic perspective – Dialogue with Thina Saltvedt, Chief Analyst Sustainable Finance, Nordea, and Heidi Schauman, Chief Economist Finland, Swedbank
● Business Sweden support when planning for the Recovery from Covid19-crisis and new reality
● Perspectives from Swedish companies
− Anders Söderman, Head of Business Area Marketing and Commerce at Zington
− Thomas Johansen. Head of Marketing, Communications, Government & Industry Relations, Northern & Central Europe at Ericsson

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