The impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the world's automotive markets. Leading automotive industry experts were already predicting big changes in the industry due to global megatrends but now the landscape has changed even further. Still, big opportunities for both traditional and new stakeholders are emerging during this challenging time.

The webinar will examine how policies and demand from the Covid-19 pandemic are shifting the industry focus as well as how the breakdown of traditional hierarchies in the automotive industry are creating unlimited scope for innovation and collaboration between existing and new suppliers.

Speakers and agenda:

The following topics will be addressed at this free webinar:

• Meeting the demands of digitalisation and connectivity
• Opportunities for OEMs to grow market share
• Short- and long-term impact and strategies to recover from Covid-19

Webinar industry expert guests:

• Mattias Bergman, CEO, BIL Sweden
• Sofie Vennersten,Program Director, Drive Sweden
• Fredrik Sidahl, CEO, Fordonskomponentgruppen, FKG

Webinar hosts:

• Erik Friberg, Head of the Automotive Europe Team, Business Sweden
• Lena Sellgren, Chief Economist, Business Sweden
• Vitaliy Tsvyntarnyy, Senior Project Manager, Business Sweden
• Ulrika Hoonk, Senior Project Manager, Business Sweden


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