Four key trends are shaping the healthcare industry in Asia Pacific and driving demand for medical devices and digital health solutions. To meet the future healthcare needs in APAC, a significant amount of capital is being invested into medical technologies. Several markets in APAC are currently lagging the Nordics in healthcare spending per capita, but significant growth is expected in the coming decade to meet economic growth increased healthcare demand.

  • Economic & population growth: GDP value of 6,5 tn USD in 2020 expected to grow to 10 tn USD in 2025. Healthcare spend to reach 600 bn USD in 2025
  • Changing demographics: 160 mn people over the age of 65 years old putting pressure on already fragile healthcare systems
  • Chronic diseases: The 3 major noncommunicable diseases in the region are cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, currently affecting 320 mn people
  • Digitalisation: Tech savvy population, 7 out of 10 uses internet and mobile penetration has reached over 130%

The healthcare and MedTech industry in APAC face challenges within operational efficiency and medical outcomes, but on vastly diverse levels of development. While some markets face large challenges with inadequacies in healthcare infrastructure and limited capacity, other sophisticated test-bed markets have world leading healthcare delivery and ecosystems ready for research & development and innovation pilots of ground-breaking technologies.

APAC is a region full of opportunity and potential for MedTech solutions, but challenges do exist that can present a tough operating environment for companies to navigate. A go-to-market strategy must be set in place to enable high possibility of commercialization success.

Listen in to our webinar to learn about the business opportunities for MedTech solutions in seven key markets in APAC and recommendations on how to capture these.


Tuesday 26th of October, 2021 (CET timezone)

09.00 Welcome Remarks
09.05-09.35 Launch of The Nordic Health Study Report

  • 09.05 Economic outlook and healthcare industry overview
  • 09.10 MedTech market opportunity and trends: medical devices and digital health solutions
  • 09.20 Key healthcare stakeholders and problem statements
  • 09.30 Barriers and go-to-market strategy for MedTech companies

09.35- 10.55 Nordic Showcase

  • 09.35 Medical Device: Laerdal Medical, Indonesia & Singapore - Park Tae Hoon, Managing Director ASEAN & Korea
  • 09.55 Medical Device: iCare, APAC - Shane Hage, Regional Director Asia Pacific
  • 10.15 Digital Health: Ortivus, Singapore - Reidar Gårdebäck, Chief Executive Officer
  • 10.35 Digital Health: DNV Imatis, Australia - Dan Credazzi, General Manager Australia

10.55 Q&A and Closing Remarks


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