In November, world leaders will meet in Glasgow to set the course for how we together can tackle our shared climate crisis. 30,000 people will join a global meeting that has the potential to speed up the green transition and determine how well we’re able to solve our challenges.

As a leader in innovation and sustainability, Sweden has the technologies and policies in place to drive climate action globally. And with an ambitious aim of halving emissions and doubling sustainable solutions, we are on our way to become the first fossil-free welfare nation in the world.

At COP26, we want to share our front-running climate solutions and take part of innovative ideas from around the world. With a delegation representing businesses, academia, the public sector, and civil society, we are bringing the expertise needed for action.

The climate crisis is increasingly severe, but we can set a new course together.

Join Sweden in our Pavilion.
Together, let’s pioneer the possible!

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