Welcome to a webinar series dedicated to Nordic collaboration and opportunities in a booming battery industry.

The global battery industry is on a major transformational journey towards cleaner, greener production to create sustainable and efficient products. Battery demand is skyrocketing as it takes over as the primary power source, replacing high carbon, dirty fuel sources. The emerging Nordic battery industry is addressing the growing demand for green batteries for e-mobility and energy storage to meet the goal of net zero emissions. How the Nordic countries work together will define the region’s smart energy approach, but also the wider European and global context. But what needs to be done to maximise resources and expertise from all actors across the Nordics and what are the current challenges and opportunities in a highly dynamic and fast-paced ecosystem?

The Nordic Battery Thursdays webinar-series is hosted by Business Finland, Business Sweden, Innovation Norway and European Battery Alliance 250.

Event details:

  • October 14th - Webinar #1: Nordic perspective from Finland
  • October 28th - Webinar #2: Nordic perspective from Sweden
  • November 18th - Webinar #3: Nordic perspective from Norway
  • December 9th - Webinar #4 European and global outlook for the Nordics

For more information and registration:

Click here to register. Attendance to the webinar is free of charge, however, requires a registration via the above link. Please note that the webinar is in English.

Please contact Robin Pettersson or Jessica Olsson if you have any questions.