The EU has ambitious targets to create a Gigabit society by 2025 and many countries in Europe are investing billions to build and expand their digital infrastructure (especially FTTH) to achieve this vision. With the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent crisis, it has become even more obvious how dependent we are on a high-performance digital infrastructure. The Covid-19 crisis has created an awareness of what is still missing and at the same time has opened new needs and a new business landscape.

This situation opens up an attractive opportunity for Swedish FTTH companies that can offer technology, experience, and services in this area. The years 2022-2026 will be intense as much of the planned work for FTTH deployment in countries such as Austria has started well and is now also accelerating. In total, €1.4 billion of public investment is planned in Austrian high-speed networks and a further €2 billion of private investment is expected in subsidized and private projects. Business Sweden has identified interesting FTTH players, network owners who are planning projects where we believe Swedish companies can contribute with their experience.


  • 14.00-14.05 - Welcome and background - Business Sweden
  • 14.05-14.10 - Swedens FTTH-roll out, lessons learned for European countries - Mikael Ek, CEO, Statsnätsföreningen
  • 14.10-14.30 - Planned public investments to accelerate FTTH roll-out in Austria - Fjord Gutermann, Breitbandburo, Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism
  • 14.30-14.50 - The Austrian FTTH investor landscape, challenges and needs of Austrian project owners - Florian Schnurer, CEO, Association of Alternative Telecom Network Operators
  • 14.50-15.00 - Conclusion and next steps


If you want to attend the webinar, follow the link here.