Business Sweden in collaboration with Swedish EdTech Industry invites to three country specific webinars respectively at the following occasions:

  • 10 October 13.30-15.00 Austria
  • 11 October 13.30-15.00 Germany
  • 20 October 13.30-15.00 Switzerland

Business Sweden would like to take the opportunity to update the Swedish Ed-Tech community on the status in Europe in terms of needs, government support plans and division of labor regarding digitization of schools. We would like to put the spotlight on the challenges that these years have created in individual European countries such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland and related business opportunities for Swedish companies.

With the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent crisis, it has become even more obvious how dependent we are on innovative digital solutions. The Covid-19 crisis has created an awareness of what is still missing and at the same time has opened new needs and a new business landscape.

This situation offers an opportunity for Swedish Ed-Tech companies that can offer technology and experience in this area. Business Sweden is inviting key national stakeholders to present how their zrespective country is working to support schools in the digitization process where procurements are made.

Examples of presenters include policy makers from federal ministries and national agencies, as well as key decision makers at the district and school level (AT; Chief Digital Officer at the Federal Ministry of Education, Head of National Competence Center i.e., eEducation Austria, DE; Heads of Digital Education in selected German regions, Head of Education Committee, German Association of Cities, CH; Swiss Headmaster Association, EDUCA-Swiss Agency for Digital Education, Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education). Swedish companies will learn about the business opportunities and how the respective country systems work, as we believe Swedish companies can contribute with their experience and service offering.

Following the webinar series, individual follow-up meetings are organised by Business Sweden with the respective participating companies individually to discuss business development implications.
Business Sweden is preparing to organise follow-up activities in onsite Austria, Germany and Switzerland with local decisionmakers and to invite Swedish companies to discuss the goals of the Ed-Tech plans in the respective countries, needs as well as solutions and best practices to identify common areas of interest and opportunities for collaboration.


  • Welcome and introduction – Business Sweden
  • Opening remarks – Jannie Jeppesen, Swedish EdTech Industry
  • Insights into challenges, needs, and plans in the Austrian/German/Swiss education system
  • Conclusion and next steps


To register please click here. Last day for registration is 30 September 2022.

If you have any questions please contact Sophia Lundberg: +43 664 2351525