Our Go to China/East Asia Fashion Lifestyle Accelerator Program 2022, equipping Swedish fashion and lifestyle companies with knowledge and market insights to enter and expand in potential markets in East Asia by our local professionals. The aim of the program is to accelerate growth of your brand into East Asia by offering deeper understanding of: 

  • The importance of brand building in Asia and how to do it  
  • How to select markets of relevance to my brand 
  • How to start sales in East Asia and China 
  • How to communicate with Asian and Chinese consumers  
  • How to combine direct online sales with other channels  
  • How to develop a roadmap – what can potentially be my brand’s journey into these markets 

Once your company is selected for the program it will be structured in three Executive interactive workshops. You will be attending our online workshops to understand more about the markets, and at the end you will have a 1-to-1 consultation session on your brand’s expansion roadmap.  

The workshops outline is as follows: 

  • Workshop 1 – Meeting with buyers (offline and online), for example Kapok (multi-brand destination stores in Hong Kong and Tmall Global), Alibaba (owner of Tmall) and I.T. (fashion destination shop in Shanghai and Hong Kong) 
  • Workshop 2 – Meeting with SoMe and marketing specialists to talk about communication plan for the East Asian markets 
  • Workshop 3 – Meeting with other Scandinavian brands already present in the markets and learn from them. Brands to be confirmed. 

Dates to be confirmed with the participating companies.  

This 3-months accelerator learning Program Go-To-China and East Asia Fashion Lifestyle Accelerator Program has received positive feedback from its participants last year. Hence, this year is our 2nd year to re-launch our program in order to support more Swedish Brand companies to navigate their roadmap in East Asia.

Event details

Time: April - June 2022 

Location: Online

The number of participating companies are limited to 8. The program is sponsored by the Swedish government to support Small- and Medium sized Enterprises, thus the total fee for participating in the program is 20,000 SEK per company ex VAT.


To register your interest to participate, contact Clarisse Koo. Last day to register is 11 March, 2022.

For any questions or further information, please contact:
Stacey Sit, Program Manager
Linda Bradley in Hong Kong/GBA Market Area Manager