SISP is a platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue to establish collaborations between Sweden and Indonesia to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs). Sweden has had similar challenges to those Indonesia now faces, such as environmental pollution, inadequate waste management systems, and a high dependency on fossil fuels. In order to meet the ambitious targets of the SDGs, Sweden and Indonesia have fostered collaboration and have cooperative agreements at government levels to build a more sustainable world together. Benefits include:

  • High-level access: Introductions and discussions with high-level leaders from government, academia and the private sector. Mapping out opportunities and gathering interest from industry stakeholders. Initiate partnerships and business discussions.
  • Political support: Secure G2G buy-in and political support for company objectives and SISP programs.
  • Promotion: Showcase your company's products and brand. Present company's profile, achievements and future plans.


SISP 2022's agenda includes key discussions, presentations and round-table discussions related to policy, industry, energy, mobility and healthcare, all in connection with sustainable development.


To register please click here. Last day for registration for companies: 7th November, 2022.