South Korea, the world’s second-largest semiconductor market, has historically shown strong performance in memory whereas weaker in system chips. In 2021, the South Korean government announced a K-Semiconductor strategy to become a global powerhouse in both memory and system chips by 2030. Both public and private actors stated to continue further investment in all sectors from design to packaging, to secure the leadership in the new global chip supply chain and increase investment in the field. It will lead semiconductor companies to invest more than 400 billion USD by 2030 through tax benefits and infrastructure support. However, in order to enhance the technology and competence in the system chips area and reach the goals put forward, South Korea cannot do it alone.

Sweden’s strong and innovative industrial companies have the potential to provide advanced solutions to achieve the South Korean national goal and to gain market share in a highly competitive and fast-paced industry.

Join us to strategically position Sweden and Swedish solutions and technology to key stakeholders in South Korea. With sustainable and innovative solutions being considered for new projects, Swedish companies that can demonstrate proven success can quickly establish or expand their market position.

  • Large on-site exposure with Sweden branding and fully managed pavilion
  • Exclusive access to industry stakeholders and decision makers on-site
  • Opportunities for business creation with some of the largest players in the sector
  • Knowledge and capability building within public and private semiconductor initiatives
  • On-site resource for company representation and translation support


  • Three-day of SEDEX participation under the Swedish pavilion
  • One-day seminar program to pitch Swedish solutions to potential customers and investors
  • Pre-arranged meetings with potential partners and customers


To join the Swedish Delegation, please contact the project manager, Josie Ryu, for more information. Last day for registration is Friday, 22 April 2022, 17:00 CET.