The Swedish Trade and Invest Council in Taiwan, together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, will hold the 38th “Sweden–Taiwan Joint Business Council” (JBC) meeting in Taipei on November 18th (Friday). The JBC is a high-level meeting with government officials and business leaders from Sweden and Taiwan with an aim to enhance collaboration.

The Smart Healthcare Roundtable will be arranged as a breakout session at the 38th JBC meeting. This year's topic is “Building a resilient health system after COVID”.

This roundtable will also cover two topics: “From Hospital Care to Primary and Home Care” and “Pandemic-resilient Hospital, AI & Precision Medicine to Improve Quality of Care”. Home care has become an important part of the ageing society, both in Sweden and Taiwan. To offer a better home care system, advanced technology and sound systems are required. We believe Sweden and Taiwan can benefit from learning from each other and increase collaboration within the smart healthcare sector.


14:30-14:40 (SW 7:30-7:40) Opening Remarks by Vice Minister, Chung-Liang Shih, Ministry of Health and Welfare
14:40-14:50 (SW 7:40-7:50) Opening Keynotes by Ms. Yueh-Ping Liu, Director General, Department of Medical Affairs, Ministry of Health and Welfare
14:50-15:40 (SW 7:50-8:40) From Hospital Care to Primary and Home Care (Chunghwa Telecom, Lund University, Formosa Cancer Foundation, Arjo and Manifold Health Tech )
15:40-16:10 (SW 8:40-9:10) AI & Precision Medicine to Improve Quality of Care (Elekta, Taiwan AI Labs and Getinge)
16:10-17:00 (SW 9:10-10:00) Panel Discussion


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Last day for registration November 11th, 2022.

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