In recent years, Mexico has become a key player in world trade due to its strategic geographic and trade links with the United States.

Among its booming industries, the automotive sector stands out. In the first month of 2024, Mexico reached all-time export records and rocketed to production levels not seen in the past five years, strengthening its position as the world's seventh-largest vehicle producer.

Such remarkable growth presents great opportunities for companies operating within the automotive supply chain. As Mexico's automotive industry continues its rise, Swedish companies looking to expand their presence in North America can benefit greatly.

The upcoming seminar in Gothenburg aims to provide valuable information and strategic guidance for Swedish companies looking to establish or expand their presence in the dynamic North American market. Join us to explore the unlimited potential that the Mexico's booming automotive sector has to offer.


Jenny Engström, Country Manager and Trade Commissioner of Mexico, and Nicolas Urbina, Project Manager of Mexico, will host the seminar

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