The Swedish government condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms. The invasion is unprovoked, illegal and indefensible. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has created the most serious security policy situation since World War II and creates great uncertainty for both the global and Swedish economies. 

Due to the tragic and serious developments in Ukraine, the EU, the US, and others have imposed further sanctions on Russia. In all probability, there will be additional sanctions soon, and Swedish companies may also be affected by other countries' sanctions packages. 

Those of you who do business with Russia, keep in mind that: 

  • Act with great caution and follow developments closely and continuously. More and stricter sanctions will probably be issued in the near future, and changes may occur from day to day. 
  • Raise the issue of possible business with Russia to the management of the company and bring in legal expertise to assess your compliance with sanctions and other rules. 
  • Contact your bank to discuss how/if they handle transactions with Russia. 
  • Review how your supply chain is affected by this.

For questions about sanctions, contact exportregler

More information about the sanctions against Russia can be found at the National Board of Trade Sweden and the Government of Sweden

For the latest on the war in Ukraine and its impact on Swedish companies, please find Business Sweden’s collected information with FAQ’s and details about our support services here.