Leap Accelerator, part of the Going global initiative, consists of five sessions spread out over two months. Under the tuition of our expert business developers, you will focus on building a workable strategy for your internationalisation, finding out which markets and industries you should invest in and develop an individual acceleration plan. This is done by analysing data from relevant international industries and on-the-ground insights from our local experts around the world. Leap Accelerator aims to give you direct access to relevant markets, investors and customers.

The programme is free for successful candidates.

  • Runs over two months
  • Five sessions
  • Three workshops
  • Expert mentors experienced in tech and innovation
  • Free of charge


Do you qualify for Leap Accelerator?
  • Do you have a global mindset for your business?
  • Do you have a scalable business model?
  • Do you address a global problem or opportunity?
  • Are you part of the Swedish high-tech start-up or scale-up scene?
  • Are you planning for international growth in the near future?
  • Have you launched your offering, and do you have paying customers?
  • Do you already have financing at seed level, or at least 12 months secured?

If you answer “Absolutely” to most of these questions, you have a good chance to secure a place on the programme.