That’s because everything is important and we can no longer look through a singular lens when making our life choices. So we look at everything and make sure that the products we create benefit everyone involved.

From our small, organic farmers in Thailand having the best possible working conditions, to the end consumer obtaining the amazing rewards from some of the best plants on the planet. We do good because we believe in it.

Photo: Herb Hero

We are organic, vegan and raw. That means that we do as little as possible to the plants we are using so that all the good stuff remains, from plant to product. It also means that the ingredients we use need to be the best, and they are.

We source all of our products personally and we have found some of the best quality and most natural farms in the world in Thailand. The farmers produce things so natural that organic-certification has never been necessary. They never farmed in a non-organic way.

We work with carefully selected farms, most of which are family owned and operated, that share our vision of organic farming and sustainability. They are true heroes.

Photo: Herb Hero