Join Sweden Summit, Industry Dialogue "Pushing the boundaries of digital innovation"

As part of Join Sweden Summit on 21. June 2022, we arranged an industry dialogue to explore ways to “push the boundaries of digital innovation” and examine ways to collaborate and tap into these opportunities in Sweden. 

Below, a summary of the recorded session (split into 3 parts) in which we explore;  

  • What makes Sweden so attractive in Tech  
  • Why so many leading multinationals invest in spearhead R&D in Sweden 
  • What constitutes the fertile ground and enables the dynamic tech ecosystem 
  • Why collaboration and partnerships are important for continuous innovation 
  • Competence and skills, etc. 

Introductory remarks
Beata Wickbom, Moderator
02:20 Khashayar Farmanbar, Minister for Digital Development

Opportunities of visualisation
 Anders Ynnerman, Professor Scientific Visualization, Linköping University 

Perspectives on conducting digital research and innovation with Sweden as a base
Anders Ösund, VP Technology & Innovation, Combient

Daniel Fäldt,

12:45 John Fuller, CTO, Avalanche Studios Group

Martin Gren, Founder & Vice Chairman of the Board, Axis Communication

Serge Lachapelle, Director Product Management, Google 

A tech investor's perspective on Sweden's dynamic tech ecosystem
Staffan Helgesson, Founder & General Partner, Creandum

The pioneers that challenge, and disrupt, established industries through tech
Emma Ridderstad, CEO, Warpin

Isabelle Hatchette, CEO, Interspectral 

Niklas Bakos,
Founder & CSO, Adverty

Vanessa Eriksson,
SVP CDO, Zenseact

Closing remarks
Nilsson, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The full inspirational speech about the opportunities of visualization.
Anders Ynnerman, Professor Scientific Visualization, Linköping University & Visual Sweden


How can our team of digital technologies experts help you invest and expand in Sweden? 

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  • Connect you with Swedish SMEs, startups, scaleups, and established players in a buzzing ecosystem 
  • Identify opportunities to gain a competitive edge in emerging technology development 
  • Support establishment and expansion in Sweden’s progressive digital market 


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