Reliable partners in uncertain times

Global growth powered by passion

When Covid-19 stopped the world, our global management consultants kept moving.
This tumultuous period has been a catalyst for accelerated adaption and adoption of digital solutions, and for businesses to review the social, environmental and legal impact of their operations.

And we’ve been supporting them every step of the way.

Be inspired by these collaborations from around the world that have kept global supply chains moving, provided critical healthcare resources, and positively contributed to the ongoing environmental challenge.

Personalising a digital world

Digital tools have always played a key role in our global business; connecting colleagues, clients, and countries. While virtual working has been embraced and we have adapted, the personal, human touch is still critical to business interactions, particularly in new or international markets.

When digital connections are not enough, you can rely on our teams and established stakeholder relationships with key government, public and private stakeholders in nearly 40 markets around the world.

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A unique advantage

We combine local knowledge and a global view to bring a unique perspective to Swedish companies’ growth ambitions and attracting investment in Sweden.

Around the world, our global teams work with Swedish companies, and public and private stakeholders to build relationships based on trust, transparency about opportunities and risk, backed up by data, analysis, knowledge, and a passion to deliver collaborative growth.

The beating heart of business

Data, strategy and analysis are the foundation for sound business decisions. But trust, honesty, and the ‘good feeling’, also influence business every single day.

At Business Sweden, we connect the head with the heart. Strategic growth is the goal, but it is powered by passion and ethical business practices. We put economic, social and environmentally sustainability at the core of what we do, so you can too.

Innovation and collaboration in practice

Got a question?

Need a helping hand to navigate change and plan your next steps? Our global business developers can provide insights, strategic advice and practical support in more than 40 markets.