Taste the county of Jämtland in a new way!
Thin bread has been baked in Jämtland for everyday and special occasion for thousands of years. It’s special bread made by barley, that contains low levels of gluten and ferment. Thin bread of barley flour is a natural part of the northern culinary tradition.

Thin bread can be eaten soft, or kept for long period as crisp bread in storehouses. Baking of thin bread can continue for several days, and every village always had one woman who was considered the best at rolling and one who was best at baking!

Photo: Mörsjö Deli

Mörsjö Deli takes the North-Sweden culinary tradition in a new direction. The soft thin bread is quickly deep fried in vegetable oil and seasoned with gourmet salt.

Mörsjö Deli work with care and attention: the result is a crispy thin bread chips that are ideal to serve at a buffet, with cheese or as a snack with drinks.

We also have superlative taste crisp made with root fruits!