Sweden has a varied landscape and seasonal differences which combined with a wealth of flora are reflected in our variety of honeys. We produce clean, genuine and unique products direct from the Swedish nature.

The beekeepers of Swedish Bees present a wide range of healthy and tasty products like Heather Honey, Lime Tree Honey, Clover Honey, Rapeseed Honey and Honeydew Honey.

Since we focus on the Swedish seasons and local flora we can deliver both singel floral honey and unique seasonal mixes. In spring we harvest the precious first honey called Primeur Honey or Virgin Honey. We also produce nutritious Comb Honey and Bee Pollen which are increasingly sought after.

The association Svenska Bin (Swedish Bees) was founded in 2013 by the beekeepers of Sweden with the purpose of marketing Swedish Honey and other products from the beehive. Our common trademark is My Swedish Honey.

Photo: My Swedish Honey