One event, two days

The impact of the Join Sweden Summit

The Join Sweden Summit, hosted by the Swedish government and Business Sweden, was held in Stockholm on 21-22 June and streamed live around the world - all with one goal: to invite the world to join Sweden to drive investments and collaborations to build a profitable, net-zero smart society and globally competitive business growth. 

The summit brought together an exclusive group of global business and industry leaders, Swedish government ministers, and public and private stakeholders to explore how companies can accelerate their competitiveness in Sweden, with Sweden. 

The spotlight focused on areas where Sweden excels in the green and digital transition - mobility, green energy and batteries, advanced manufacturing, life science, and emerging technologies – and created many new opportunities for investments, establishments, and collaborations. 

18 countries represented
125 international companies
175 international executives
1,288 digital summit registrations
71 countries online
76+ meetings between targeted decision makers during the Summit
92% of attendees found Sweden more attractive for investment and expansion
96% of attendees felt that value created by the Summit met expectations


One vision, many voices

Day 1

High-level global and national speakers, government ministers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.


Action and implementation 

Day 2

Ecosystem focus with industry peers, potential partners, R&D and innovation institutes, Swedish businesses, and government officials.




“…Engaging and very educating regarding Sweden's powers in industrial transformation…”


“… we had several solid meetings and next steps initiated from this event…”


“… we met a lot of interesting people… which will be valuable in our future expansion in Sweden…”