Sweden's open, inclusive and solution driven mindset has set a high standard for innovation and creating solutions that make society better: from the three point seat belt to music streaming, and virtual doctor visits to sustainable mining, we have always been an active leader. Now, we want to collaborate with you.

Big ideas from industry, science, technology, and governments have the power to achieve greatness; to pioneer the possible to fundamentally shift how individuals, businesses, and society co-habit, consume, thrive.

Whether you are an international company with a presence in Sweden looking to expand here or if you are new to Sweden and interested in investing here, we can help you get your business off the ground and grow your presence with our free advisory services.

Our key services include offering strategic and practical advice, providing market reports, carrying out site search and selection, and guiding you through legal regulations from company registration and recruitment to migration law.

Learn more about our services and use our featured online tools “Compare Sweden” and “Site finder”.