Who are we?

The Malmberg brothers, Anders and Dennis – the owners and founders of Organic Smash. We love beer with an instant avour – from when the froth hits your lips, as it smoothly slips down, to the aftertaste it leaves. We believe in beer with a crisp and clear taste – simple if you like – too many avours is never a good call.

Creating this kind of beer isn’t rocket science. It’s about using simple recipes and keeping the avour in the beverage rather than ltering it out. We also believe that using exclusively organic ingredients adds to the wealth of avour – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of enjoying a beer which is good for you and the environment. Ahhh …

Photo: Organic Smash


Once again, we brew our beer organically each step of the way, and the hops and malt contained in every beer we make are always organic.


For us, it’s all about simplicity. SMASH stands for Single Malt and Single Hops. Every beer we brew contains just one type of malt and one type of hop. Then we just add yeast and give it time to mature. Simple as that. This brings out the authentic avours of the malt and hops. When drinking one of our beers, you know exactly what you’re dealing with. And that’s just the way it should be.

Photo: Organic Smash