Our primary logo

Our primary logo is clean and simple. We use this version in all digital communications and it comes in white, black, and blue. We never alter or add any effects to it. Ever.


Always use the white version when placing the logo on photography or videos for best possible dynamics.


Use black version on light or white background and white version on dark or black background.


The heritage logo

The blue version – the heritage logo – ties back to our previous all blue version of the logotype. This logo is only used for physical products such as office signage.




Tagline logotype

Our secondary logo is the “tagline logotype” which is only for printed materials including roll ups and displays where the tagline is highly visual and legible.






The primary logo used for a mobile product.


The tagline logo on a printed roll up.


Downloads for digital use & videos
Animated white logotype
MOV - 6 mb
Black logotype
PNG - 51 kb
White logotype
PNG - 46 kb


Downloads for printed use
Business Sweden logotypes for print
ZIP - 528 kb