Our typefaces

Gotham Bold Caps is our primary typeface, used to convey important brand messages and headlines. 

Gotham Book is mainly used digitally in taglines and buttons.

Our secondary typeface is Garamond Premier Pro Regular and Italic which is used for longer editorial text and quote extracts which help to bring personality and charisma to our content.





Typographic relationship

Generally, Gotham Bold Caps is used for all headlines while Garamond Premier Pro Regular is applied to preambles and general text.

Important brand communication headlines should always be set in Gotham Bold.




Fallback typography

When using software applications such as Microsoft Office we use already pre-installed fallback typography where Gotham is replaced by Arial and Garamond Premier Pro is replaced by Georgia.





For any typography related questions regarding fonts and installation, please reach out to us via the form linked below.