Sweden’s ranking as a world-leader in innovation, sustainability, and a top country to do business with, is also supported by the goal to actively meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

As a food nation, Sweden has established and maintained a reputation for safe production practices, sustainable packaging and product solutions, and exceedingly tasty and flavour-filled food products.

Swedish companies and authorities have ambitious environmental, and climate related goals connected to food waste, energy use, animal welfare, and the use of antibiotics. These standards are in demand globally and the Try Swedish programme supports Swedish companies to communicate and leverage these values on the international stage.

Our mission

The Try Swedish Export Programme aims to contribute to an increase of Swedish food exports and plays a significant role in the Swedish government’s National Food Strategy, a cross-party agreement to dedicate resources to support the Swedish food industry.

Our work supports the vision that by 2030, Sweden will have an innovative, profitable, and highly competitive global food industry.

Key Try Swedish activities

  • In 2021, Business Sweden carried out global analysis covering 12 food and beverage export segments to pinpoint where the potential for growth was. This analysis identified 14 markets with extra high potential for Swedish products (Read the analysis, in Swedish, here)
  • Seminars and market insights from prioritized markets
  • Promotional activities including Swedish pavilions at international trade fairs, engaging in retail cooperation both online and offline, and matchmaking sessions with distributors
  • We provide individual sales support from our locally based teams
  • Allocated resources in Sweden to support SMEs within the food industry to further develop their individual export strategies. Available resources for subsidised consultancy support and activities in chosen markets for SMEs
  • Specific promotional effort to strengthen the Swedish exports of organic food and beverage products
  • Designated food experts at Business Sweden in focus markets; Japan, South Korea, Singapore with Southeast Asia and USA

Other priority markets for the Try Swedish export programme are:

  • The UK
  • Benelux
  • Germany
  • The Nordics
  • Hong Kong
  • China

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