The Swedish way of eating and living is clean, healthy, organic, sustainable, and innovative. Explore our inspirational articles to find out about products inspired by nature, food production driven by sustainable values, and flavours and traditions that feed the body and soul.

Swedish brewing company get a little help to navigate uncharted waters

With global expansion in sights, Swedish independent microbrewer, the Uncharted Brewing Company needed help to establish distributor contacts so they could crack new international markets. Try Swedish have swiftly become a trusted partner, accelerating their growth plans in key markets.

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Be inspired to eat clean – seven easy tips for Singaporeans to eat the Nordic way

Holistic wellbeing will be in the spotlight during the Wellness Festival Singapore (3-12 June) – but now you can be inspired to embrace a healthy lifestyle with some of Sweden’s best, most convenient food and drinks that can help

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Swedish Sandwich Cake

Swedish Sandwich Cake (Smörgåstårta) is a beautiful decorated cake, perfect for feasts and bigger gatherings

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Pulled vegan bbq pizza

This is a delicious pizza with pulled vegan BBQ, vegan cheese, olives, red onion and garlic sauce.

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A Classic Swedish Princess Cake (Klassisk prinsesstårta)

Beautiful Swedish layer cake, perfect for birthdays and traditional Swedish "FIKA".

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Bulgur salad with anamma vegan balls

Swedish meatballs without any meat!? No problem.

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“Semla” pastry filled with whipped cream and almond paste

A type of delicious cream puffs that Swedes love to eat on the specific day for Semla in February each year.

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Simple enchiladas with anamma vegan mince

Vegan Mince from Anamma is made from soy beans, which means that you can cook kick-ass enchiladas without adding any meat.

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Swedish pancakes and lingonberry jam with blueberries

Most Swedes eat them with blueberry, strawberry, raspberry or cloudberry jam and fresh whipped cream.

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Fika, cinnamon rolls and coffee: staples of the Swedish diet

Cinnamon rolls are the best-loved pastry of all among the pastry-loving people of Sweden. The princess cake, the semla, and kladdkaka are other beloved features of a typical “fika” – aka a Swedish coffee break.

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Sweet Tooth for Swedish Organic Candy and Snacks

Swedes like candy! In fact, Swedes are world champions at eating candy, consuming about 15 kilos per capita per year. There are two Swedish phenomena that greatly affect candy consumption. One is that almost all grocery stores have a large wall with self-service pick and mix candy. The other is that there is something called “Saturday candy” which is the highlight of the week for many children. On that day, people go to the pick and mix shelf, take a colourful scoop and fill a bag with chewy, sweet, sour, salty and chocolate candy.

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10 foods for a proper Cosy Friday

Taco sales in Sweden go through the roof on Fridays as home-loving Swedes prepare for Cosy Friday – a much-loved national tradition that has been around since the late 1990s. And don't forget the crisps, pick'n'mix and pizza as Cosy Fridays are all about comfort food.

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Cosy Friday, why many Swedish families stay in on Friday nights

Go out in Sweden on a Friday night? Never! Fridays are reserved for “fredagsmys” or cosy Fridays, a fundamentally Swedish tradition that involves relaxing on the sofa with friends and family, playing games, watching TV and treating yourself to tacos, pick’n’mix and snacks.

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11 of the best-loved Swedish candy, and healthy alternatives to sweet treats

According to Swedish Board of Agriculture the average Swede consumes a whopping 16 kilograms of sweet treats a year. No mean feat but hardly surprising once you discover all the delicious types of candy and sweets made in Sweden.

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