Oats are naturally nutritious and rich in fibre, protein, and beta-glucans, which have been shown to have several health benefits, including cholesterol reduction. Awareness around the world of the importance of food for our well-being is increasing, and new habits are being created.

At the same time, there are growing trends towards healthier vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, with climate impact and animal welfare issues becoming increasingly important for consumers when choosing food products. Oat products are well suited to meet these trends.

We already have many successful food producers in the Nordic region, but through partnership we are stronger. This is why we have brought together some 16 producers and created Nordic Oats. With a joint offering and investment in product development and R&D, we can create the best offer and promote Nordic oats on an international market.

Oat-based products will continue to be in high demand, and our members in Nordic Oats have a wide range of products that can help you increase your sales.

Contact us to learn more about business opportunities and products that meet your customers’ needs. You can read more about Nordic Oats on our website and stay updated on our events worldwide.

Nordic Oats is a cooperation consisting of some 16 Finnish and Swedish member companies, with the core mission to promote the uniqueness of Nordic oats internationally. As more and more people around the world are starting to see the many benefits of this sustainable and nutritious grain, our belief firmly stays the same – when it comes to making the finest oats, quality truly is in the details.

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