Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.


Everything we do is about Making Better Happen™.

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The most popular Abba product is probably our marinated herring that comes in many shapes, flavors and sizes. Herring is enjoyed all year around in Sweden. Maybe because fish, and seafood in general, has a lot of health benefits and often contain a lot of good fats and minerals.

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Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is a part of Swedish history. It is produced with the same continuous distillation as when it was introduced by its progressive founder Lars Olsson Smith in 1879.

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Akriform Plast AB

Akriform has the market’s widest range of complete solutions for Pick & Mix displays. Our bins and dispensers service a variety of bulk food categories, such as candy, nuts, dried fruit, coffee, tea and animal food etc. Akriform's bulk bins Quickbox Scoop Bin, Pribox® Scoop Bin and TurnOflex® Gravity bin, represents the markets most innovative bins with several new-to-market features.

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Albina Snacks AB

Albina Snacks AB was founded in 1997 as a privately owned wholesaler which focuses on basic groceries mainly targeting ethnic consumers. At that time, the company was named Albina Food. Today, we are proud to have achieved our vision of being the first ‘dry roasting’ company in Scandinavia to offer wholesalers as well as retailer freshly produced packs of nuts, seeds and grains from all over the world.

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Alex&Phil AB

Alex&Phil Baby Food is honest baby food without additives. Always organic, CO2-neutral and fair.

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At Almondy we love desserts and we want to make sure that you do too! We rely on our extremely talented bakers, carefully selected ingredients, and an original recipe from the 1890s to make all kinds of truly delicious desserts. For you!

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Aloba Foods

We believe that the world needs a more sustainable and healthier way of consuming food. A part of the solution is to eat more plant based. Not only from one source but from many. That’s why we founded Aloba. A healthy vegan option with a taste beyond the ordinary.

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Anamma has a large range of vegan products, all waiting for you in the freezer. Most of the products are made from soy protein, and we offer you delicious burgers, sausages and mince, to vegan balls, falafels, pulled vegan and even mouldable mince.

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And our friends 100 % natural flavours

& our friends is a Swedish company that creates 100% natural flavours, with tasteful, healthy, sustainable, innovative and genuine as our keywords—designed to complete any meal. Plant-based goodness that is as good for you as for Mother Earth. Easy to use, easy to love. Simply add & our friends.

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Annas Pepparkakor

Sweden’s most loved pepparkakor since 1929

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Arctic Roe of Scandinavia AB

Arctic Roe of Scandinavia AB (“AROS”) is a Swedish pioneer regarding production of Black Caviar (sturgeon roe), probably the most exclusive food item there is.

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Åre Water AB

Åre Water AB is a privately held company in Åre Municipality, Jämtland, Sweden. Åre Water products are currently sold in Sweden, France, Monaco and Singapore.

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Arla Foods

Creating the future of dairy to bring health and inspiration to the world, naturally.

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Arvid Nordquist

Arvid Nordquist Coffee Roastery is Sweden's leading sustainable and organic coffee.

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