Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.

Herb Hero

Herb Hero’s superfoods are controlled by us from plant to product, and the farms we work with are the best in the world.

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Herrgårdstoppen AB is a family owned company started in 1990, managed by Morgan Johnsson since 1997. It is situated in Strömsnäsbruk in Småland in Southern Sweden.

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HKScan is the leading meat expert with strong Nordic heritage and over 100 years’ experience in selling, marketing and producing high-quality, and responsibly-produced meat products.

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högtorp farm.jpg

Högtorp farm

We refine the flavours of the Swedish forests and open fields to develop innovative premium products that convey and enhance the Nordic gastronomy.

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Hooked Foods

Hooked is developing, selling and marketing flavourful and nutritious plant-based fish to restaurants and grocers with its first product, Toonish, and are currently developing a plant-based salmon substitute.

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Hugo & Celine AB

Hugo & Celine For Dogs - honest labelling, premium, delicious local Swedish ingredients and design award winning stylish packaging.

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Johan & Nyström is a specialty coffee roastery with a wide variety of premium coffees.

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JOM Organic

We’re proud to be the only vegan and organic candy brand with production in Sweden.

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Our coffee and tea blends is chosen from the best regions in the world. Each leaf and bean is unique. We only buy the best quality.

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Kiviks Musteri

What started out as a small apple orchard has developed into a modern beverage company. We have come a long way since our journey began in 1888 when the founder, Mr Henric Åkesson, planted the first apple tree in the south eastern part of Sweden.

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At Klädesholmen we manufacture herring and fish spread. Most famous is our delicious pickled herring.

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Our dream making candy started in the early 90's to produce toffee to the Scandinavian market. Some years later the idea to make a Swedish fudge was born.

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Kolsvart® approaches confection as an art form and is a game changer in the premium artisanal candy segment. Influenced by our Swedish heritage, we focus on finding the perfect balance in taste, purity and texture.

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konfektyrfabriken aroma.jpg

Konfektyrfabriken Aroma AB

We have made candy since 1921. Gottfrid Eklund was the man who along with Max Forslund started making toffee in a kitchen in Stockholm. They made everything by hand and sold to smaller stores in Stockholm and from there the company took off.

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Korshags is a Swedish family business, with a proud history of fish smoking. In 1965, Per-Arne Korshag started to smoke fish in a converted refrigerator in his parents’ garden in Falkenberg.

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