Shoots of spruce, pine, juniper and leaves from birch are carefully handpicked. By extracting the rich flavours into an organic Swedish canola oil, we create the four SPRUCE oils; SPRUCE granskottsolja, SPRUCE tallskottsolja, SPRUCE enskottsolja and SPRUCE björkolja. Pure, organic, premium products, sustainably produced without additives. A few drops of any SPRUCE oil enhance the experience of hallmark flavours of Sweden, such as cured pure reindeer meat, cold-smoked trout or chanterelle mushrooms fried in butter. The SPRUCE oils are used by many chefs in Guide Michelin and White Guide restaurants in Sweden, Finland, France and Estonia.

Photo: Högtorp farm

Högtorp farm is located in the historical province of Södermanland on the east coast of Sweden, and all the land is organically certified. We also develop new methods in e.g. forestry ensuring a sustainable and rich biodiversity while harvesting larger amounts of shoots, leaves, plants, berries and mushrooms.

Another unique and innovative product from Högtorp farm is the Pruneller. The fermented and pickled unripe plums have a wonderful crispy texture and balanced fruity taste. A delightful addition to the Nordic gastronomy.

Photo: Högtorp farm