Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.

AstaReal AB

AstaReal is the global pioneer and expert in natural astaxanthin production, R&D and clinical science. AstaReal® astaxanthin in a variety of specialized formats suit your requirements for the development of dietary supplements, sports nutrition, cosmetics and beauty products, as well as animal nutrition products.

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Bakels Sweden

The best baked goods are a product of the right ingredients and craftsmanship. That is something we at Bakels specialise in. We have refined and developed bakery ingredients for the industry since 1904. Our work is driven by consumer trends and behaviours. We continue to explore raw materials and solutions to find new and innovative ways to enhance the flavour, function and quality of bakery and patisserie products. Our experience and knowledge provide you with the best conditions to succeed.

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Camelina of Sweden

Camelina of Sweden’s products combine modern agriculture, ingenuity and a passion for healthy and tasty food. Their original cold-pressed oil, flavoured oil with basil and garlic and dry-roasted seeds cater to flavour- and health conscious cooks around the world. All three are rich in omega 3 and vitamin E – and the flavour is out of this world!

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Candeco AB

We produce and market tailor-made decoration products and ingredients for Chocolate, Ice cream and Bakery Industry. Our home market is the Scandinavian Market but we sell our products all over the world. We have Distributors in UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Finland working actively with selling our ideas.

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Taste is Falksalt's speciality - and has been for more than 90 years. Falksalt is one of the oldest brands in Sweden and is the most popular premium salt brand on the market. Falksalt products can be found in stores and restaurants all over the world.

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Herb Hero

Herb Hero’s superfoods are controlled by us from plant to product, and the farms we work with are the best in the world.

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högtorp farm.jpg

Högtorp farm

We refine the flavours of the Swedish forests and open fields to develop innovative premium products that convey and enhance the Nordic gastronomy.

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Malmö Vinägerfabrik

We created a range of premium vinegars that achieves more and interesting flavor in company of a certain produce or a style of kitchen. Enjoy fruity and aromatic flavours from our open fields or the deep forrests.

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Mixwell is a Swedish company solely producing products without gluten. Since 17 years back we are producing private label to some companies along with our own distribution.

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Munkagrodden is Sweden's largest supplier of sprouts. Our sprouts are organically grown from KRAV-certified seeds using only clean water.

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My Swedish Honey

The association Svenska Bin (Swedish Bees) was founded in 2013 by the beekeepers of Sweden with the purpose of marketing Swedish Honey and other products from the beehive.

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Nybergs Bageri AB

Nybergs Bageri is a Swedish manufacturer of frozen cookie dough and muffin- and brownie batter for bake-off.

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Olle Svensson

Berries are our core business! Olle Svensson has business segments in fruits and berries, sauces, salads, and beverages, with both purchase and production in Europe and sales all over the world.

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PLOG Foods

PLOG produces food in its purest form. All vegetables and produce are grown, harvested and packaged in Skåne, which makes the product series Sweden's first Swedish-grown superfood series.

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Pure Sport Nutrition Sweden

Pure Sport Nutrition is a family company that was established 2015 with expertise and experience from Hagelbergs AB, an aroma company in the confectionary industry.

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