Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.
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Aloba Foods

We believe that the world needs a more sustainable and healthier way of consuming food. A part of the solution is to eat more plant based. Not only from one source but from many. That’s why we founded Aloba. A healthy vegan option with a taste beyond the ordinary.

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Anamma has a large range of vegan products, all waiting for you in the freezer. Most of the products are made from soy protein, and we offer you delicious burgers, sausages and mince, to vegan balls, falafels, pulled vegan and even mouldable mince.

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AstaReal AB

AstaReal is the global pioneer and expert in natural astaxanthin production, R&D and clinical science. AstaReal® astaxanthin in a variety of specialized formats suit your requirements for the development of dietary supplements, sports nutrition, cosmetics and beauty products, as well as animal nutrition products.

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Bärta is a 100% naturally fermented Swedish organic pea. Bärta is easy to digest, full of plant-based protein and high in fiber. Good food today, for our tomorrow.

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Bubs Godis

Bubs Candy is a Swedish family business with a great passion – making amazing candy. We produce a delightful array of sweets in various flavours and shapes.

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Dejunked's mission is to offer you a range of delicious snacks that are more exciting than a banana and considerably healthier than a sugary chocolate bar.

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We believe in a world where you can savor something delicious without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to producing snacks made from natural, organic, and vegan ingredients. Zero additives. Just the taste of true indulgence.

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Ekorrens ekologiska

Ekorren's Organic candy is organic, which means it is coloured and flavoured with organically grown fruits, plants and berries.

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Food by Hand

Food by Hand is a brand that is committed to creating delicious and healthy food options that everyone can enjoy. Our signature products include vegan, gluten-free burgers made with sprouted buckwheat and fruit juices without any additives. We take pride in using only the finest, natural ingredients in our products, ensuring that every bite is a guilt-free pleasure.

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Foodimpex International AB

Frozen specialist and one of the leading producers and packers of high quality frozen berries, fruits and selected vegetables. Foodimpex’s main focus is private label packing for leading retail and foodservice customers in Europe.

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Gotlandschips produce kettle-fried potato chips on potatoes which have grown only a few miles from the production site. The production is 100% fossil-free and circular meaning there is no waste in production – everything is reused.

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Hooked Foods

Hooked is developing, selling and marketing flavourful and nutritious plant-based fish to restaurants and grocers with its first product, Toonish, and are currently developing a plant-based salmon substitute.

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JOM Organic

We’re proud to be the only vegan and organic candy brand with production in Sweden.

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Kolsvart® approaches confection as an art form and is a game changer in the premium artisanal candy segment. Influenced by our Swedish heritage, we focus on finding the perfect balance in taste, purity and texture.

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Our story begins in the 1920s when our founders, Joon Olof and Anna Olsson, became the village bakers and took on the task of providing bread for all the other families in the village.

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