BUBS is a Swedish family-owned company with HQ in Jönköping. Our company has manufactured candy since the early 90s. Since we started, we have been on the forefront – taste wise and mixing wise, and all with a lot of passion. That makes us a force to be reckoned with in the candy manufacturing business.

We are BRC certified.

Photo: Bubs Candy

BUBS are present in all types of sales channels such as grocery, convenience, Hard Discount etc. Our products are sold both in Pick’n Mix but also as consumer packed SKU.s

Our products are present in many other countries, mainly the Nordic Countries but also Germany, The Netherlands, USA etc.

We produce gummy and foam products and in 2017 we also started to manufacture high quality chocolate bars and chocolate for pick and mix. All our consumer packed SKU.s are Fairtrade certified.

Feel free to contact us and see which mutual opportunities we can find together.

Photo: Bubs Candy