Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.

Albina Snacks AB

Albina Snacks AB was founded in 1997 as a privately owned wholesaler which focuses on basic groceries mainly targeting ethnic consumers. At that time, the company was named Albina Food. Today, we are proud to have achieved our vision of being the first ‘dry roasting’ company in Scandinavia to offer wholesalers as well as retailer freshly produced packs of nuts, seeds and grains from all over the world.

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Alex&Phil AB

Alex&Phil Baby Food is honest baby food without additives. Always organic, CO2-neutral and fair.

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Atria Sweden is a part of Atria Group which is one of the leading meat and food companies in the Nordic countries and Estonia. Atria Sweden's portfolio includes many well-known brands such as Ridderheims, Lönneberga and Lithells. Main categories are sausages, cold cuts, marinated vegetables, sauces, vegetarian food and meal solutions.

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Cook for a happy planet The infinity symbol represents Cashewmeetlys circular process, business model and vision.

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Dejunked's mission is to offer you a range of delicious snacks that are more exciting than a banana and considerably healthier than a sugary chocolate bar.

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We believe in a world where you can savor something delicious without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to producing snacks made from natural, organic, and vegan ingredients. Zero additives. Just the taste of true indulgence.

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Finn Crisp

Finn Crips Original is baked using sourdough and has a full rye taste and a crispy character. It’s perfect for breakfast or as a healthy snack.

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First Class Brands of Sweden

“Being healthy is not a trend – it’s a lifestyle!”

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Fjällbergets Bageri & Deli (Vilmas)

Founded in 2001, Fjällbergets bakes award winning organic, gluten-free and high protein crackers and crispbreads.

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Foodimpex International AB

Frozen specialist and one of the leading producers and packers of high quality frozen berries, fruits and selected vegetables. Foodimpex’s main focus is private label packing for leading retail and foodservice customers in Europe.

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Göteborgs kex

Göteborgs Kexfabriks Aktiebolag have successfully manufactured biscuits in Kungälv ever since. Today we are the market leader throughout the Nordic region

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Gotlandschips produce kettle-fried potato chips on potatoes which have grown only a few miles from the production site. The production is 100% fossil-free and circular meaning there is no waste in production – everything is reused.

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Hugo & Celine AB

Hugo & Celine For Dogs - honest labelling, premium, delicious local Swedish ingredients and design award winning stylish packaging.

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Experience the unique flavors of Nordic nature with a modern twist. Moonvalley was founded by three world-class Swedish athletes and offers a wide range of delicious protein bars, energy bars, sports drinks, and post-workout mixes. You can enjoy all our products with a clear consciousness knowing that they are as kind to you as they are to our planet.

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Mörsjö Deli-1-1024x441.jpg

Mörsjö Deli

Thin bread has been baked in Jämtland for everyday and special occasion for thousands of years. It’s special bread made by barley, that contains low levels of gluten and ferment. Thin bread of barley flour is a natural part of the northern culinary tradition.

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