First Class Brands of Sweden AB started in 2012 with basically one product and has now grown to have two brands under its wings, Probrands & Healthyco, with a total of almost 100 SKU’s.

The two brands have proven successful and continue to grow worldwide and has now export to 25+ countries and more to come!

So, what makes them successful?
The two broad portfolios of products for every occasion; Probrands focusing on protein enriched, palm oil free, vitamin enriched and no sugar added foods, drinks & supplements and Healthyco focusing on no sugar added, organic, vegan & palm oil free for the entire family – we speak to the modern day aware consumer, no matter the age.

With the Swedish market they proved healthy products is no longer just bound to lifestyle fitness & health stores, but meant to be in all the hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, because now the group of customers for these products has grown and it’s appreciated to get these products at the same time as they shop for regular foods.

First Class Brands of Sweden identifies products that already is showing a positive trend but with few strong suppliers and can therefore develop the right product and create a healthier alternative to an already existing big seller – but with better flavor, better price and more impactful design.