ZNAPS, was founded in 1996 by two Swedish entrepreneurs with rich accomplishments in the restaurant, bar and nightclub industry. Their vision was clear from the very beginning: to establish a brand around bartenders; to create a range of products and flavours that would give bartenders access to the finest tools available in creating new and innovative cocktails and drinks. With some yet unexplored ingredients, exciting flavours, textures and visuals would emerge. Simply put, they developed the ideal toolbox for bartenders.

ZNAPS has since then spread in popularity across Europe and beyond. In London, the brand became synonymous with all things Swedish – regularly referred to as “ZNAPS of Sweden”. ZNAPS quickly became the tipple of choice at parties hosting celebrities such as Madonna, Björn Borg, Rolling Stones, Ace of Base – everyone demanded ZNAPS. That was the 1990’s in London, Paris, Rhodes, Reykjavik, to name but a few. This is 2015, and ZNAPS is being re-launched with the same clear vision, the ideal toolbox for bartenders, but with a twist and new theme: “The Surreal Deal”, a new trancelike take on design and flavours sure to capture the imagination of bartenders across the globe. What will it be? ZNAPS – the Surreal Deal from Sweden.