In Gothenburg, biscuits are close to our heart

In 1888 Carl Leopold Berggren realized that there was a market for biscuits in Sweden, and decided to start his own biscuit company. Göteborgs Kexfabriks Aktiebolag have successfully manufactured biscuits in Kungälv ever since. Today we are the market leader throughout the Nordic region.

A strong business concept

Our business concept of developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of biscuit- and waferbased food products has given us the position we have today. But our success can also be explained by purposeful investments, a clear strategy and something simple as hard work. We have now created a strong foundation that is taking us confidently into the future.
A large family

Göteborgs Kex is part of the Orkla family, which provides a guarantee for long term commitment and development. In Sweden, Orkla is the market leader in the majority of  segments where they are active. The Orkla group have a long list of well known brands including Göteborgs Kex, OLW, Abba Seafood, Pierre Robert Group, Jordan dental care, Felix and so on.

Photo: Göteborgs Kex

Quality all the way through

Quality is of paramount importance for many types of companies. At Göteborgs Kex, we must supply our products and services of the right quality to customers as well as our employees. The quality aspect guides us throughout our procurement and production process. We hav pioneered numerous quality processes in the industry, and are therefore naturally certified in accordance with BRC (grade A). Our effect on the external environment has received ISO 14001 environmental certification, which means that the business is run resource efficiently, with the least possible impact on the environment. There are no shortcuts when it comes to addressing quality and safety issues for consumers who put their trust in us.

A good reputation

There is no doubt that we have an excellent reputation in the Swedish trade, at least if Swedish wholesalers are to be believed. According to them, Göteborgs Kex is one of Sweden’s best food suppliers. And when it comes to our reputation with consumers, the sales figures sends a clear message.

A good partner

Extremly good biscuits have become our trademark. Perhaps because we see our biscuits as more than just ordinary biscuits. Today, we manufacture and sell the most popular biscuits on the market. And our product development department is producing exciting new products – the big sellers of the future. So rest assured, there will be biscuits soon for all occasions. We aim to expand biscuit sales and hence increase your profitability.

Worldwide precence

Sweden, Denmark and Finland are all considered as home markets, in addition to that we have export to a number of countries all over the world, including USA, Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Island, Denmark and Faroe Islands