Ridderheims was founded 1987 by Christer Ridderheims in Gothenburg, Sweden. His passion and curiosity for new flavors was the start of a new journey.

Olives and other marinated vegetables were first to take place in the Swedish stores. Soon the first snacking salami (or beer sausage which it is called in Sweden), was launched, and represented all around the Nordic countries.ATRIA_Ridderheims_18b-maj3774-copy.jpg

Snacking Salami

Snacking salami is a high protein snack that comes in different shapes, flavors, and degrees of spiciness. With its eye-catching design and fun product names, Ridderheims snacking assortment is hard to miss.

Try a Caramba, Hot Amigo and if you dare, the super spicy Explosion!ATRIA_Ridderheims_18b-maj3466-copy.jpg

Marinaded Products

We offer a huge variety of savory, sweet, and spicy tapas in Ridderheims assortment. Combine your perfect appetizer, complement your dinner, or just eat them as they are.

You shouldn’t have to travel far to find delicious food that make every day and every occasion a little more colorful and exciting. We’ll do that for you!

Treat yourself and people around you – and we promise to keep looking out into the world to create exciting food that you can always rely on.


Atria Sweden is a part of Atria Group which is one of the leading meat and food companies in Northern Europe. We are a company established in 1903 and valued by our customers, personnel, and owners. We have been producing food for more than 100 years and the main categories are sausages, cold cuts, marinated delicacies, sauces, and meal solutions. Atria Sweden has seven production facilities spread across the country, 876 employees and the head quarter located in Stockholm. The turnover in 2021 was €352 million.