Food from Sweden

Explore Swedish food and beverage companies who we work with and what they have to offer the global food market.


At Almondy we love desserts and we want to make sure that you do too! We rely on our extremely talented bakers, carefully selected ingredients, and an original recipe from the 1890s to make all kinds of truly delicious desserts. For you!

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Anamma has a large range of vegan products, all waiting for you in the freezer. Most of the products are made from soy protein, and we offer you delicious burgers, sausages and mince, to vegan balls, falafels, pulled vegan and even mouldable mince.

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Felix is one of the most common brands in Sweden with a range that stretches all the way from tomato ketchup, French fries, vegetarian ready-to cook meals and instant mashed potatoes, to lingonberry jam, porridge, salad dressings and pickled gherkins.

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Foodimpex International AB

Frozen specialist and one of the leading producers and packers of high quality frozen berries, fruits and selected vegetables. Foodimpex’s main focus is private label packing for leading retail and foodservice customers in Europe.

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We’re here to challenge the perception around healthy food.

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Frödinge offers you a great range of cakes, desserts and pastries, and truly a life-saver when it comes to putting an extra tasty touch to your celebrations.

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Gunnar Dafgård

Gunnar Dafgård is a family business in its third generation located in Källby, right in the Swedish agricultural landscape. Through curiosity and entrepreneurship, since its founding in 1937, we are now the leader in frozen and chilled products for HoReCa and Retail market.

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HKScan is the leading meat expert with strong Nordic heritage and over 100 years’ experience in selling, marketing and producing high-quality, and responsibly-produced meat products.

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Hugo & Celine AB

Hugo & Celine For Dogs - honest labelling, premium, delicious local Swedish ingredients and design award winning stylish packaging.

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Kronfågel (Bosarp kyckling)

Kronfågel produce and market a wide range of chilled, frozen and convenience chicken products. The products are marketed under well known brands, which stand for quality and good animal welfare.

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Lily & Hanna’s Rawfood Ice Dream

raw food * organic * vegan * refined sugar free * dairy free * lactose free * gluten free * additive free * super good!

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Lohilo Foods

We are working towards changing that reality in all ways we could possibly imagine. A strong will that made us about first in the world to produce a high protein ice-cream - Lohilo.

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Magnihill develops, produces and sells frozen products from the vegetable kingdom, with a focus on organic and convenience. The company’s vegetables are often used in prepared meals, soups and baby foods, or just as they are by restaurants and caterers.

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Marenor AB is one of the leading producers of sea­food from the waters of the coasts of Scandinavia.

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Nick’s was founded in 2017 by the serial entrepreneur Niclas Lutman, who was diagnosed with diabetes. He refused to give up chocolate and experimented in his own kitchen until Nicks first product – a chocolate covered wafer bar was created.

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