When you want to eat really good chicken of the best quality, you should choose Swedish Bosarpkyckling® (“kyckling” means “chicken” in English). Bosarp chickens comes from one of our nine, small, local family-run farms in Sweden. The breeders work with great commitment where caring about food produced organically in tune with natural cycles is the focus.

Both the chickens and farms are 100% organic and KRAV-certified. Our Bosarp chickens are of the breed Rowan Ranger, an unusually lively and curious chicken that needs a lot of activity. As Bosarp chickens have a lot of space and belong to a breed that likes to move, the chickens build a lot of muscle. Further, the breed grows slowly, living about 70 days thereby allowing the meat to develop more, resulting in a more tasty chicken meat.

Photo: Kronfågel

Kronfågel is one of the largest companies in the poultry indus­try in Scandinavia, with market leading positions in Sweden. Export business is worldwide, but mainly covers Europe and Asia. The customers are within retail, food service and the food industry.