At Felix we like the term – “Great Food. No worries”. Because this is exactly what we want people to think when they enjoy one of our many products. Felix is one of the most common brands in Sweden with a range that stretches all the way from tomato ketchup, French fries, vegetarian ready-to cook meals and instant mashed potatoes, to lingonberry jam, porridge, salad dressings and pickled gherkins. We are so confident, that we are willing to bet on the fact at a majority of all Swedish households carry at least one Felix product.

Our varieties of pickled gherkins are probably among the most famous products within the Felix range, but if you ask the Swedes, we wouldn’t be surprised if Felix is mostly associated with tomato ketchup. A product category where Felix has been the market leading brand for many years. It is actually almost twice as large compared to the nearest competitor. Swedes are the largest consumers of ketchup in the world and use it on everything, from burgers and hot dogs, to pasta and meatballs. Some even use it on their fish, pizza or tacos. Felix ketchup goes with everything.

Photo: Felix

Felix is quite popular outside of Sweden as well, and a large amount of Felix instant mashed potatoes is exported to Germany every year. Moreover, did you know that Felix is the top seller among lingonberry jams in the USA? More and more people around the world are discovering the fact that Felix equals “no fuss, but still delicious”.
Our ambition at Felix is to cook good food without any fuss. Therefore, we have long sought to use as few additives as possible, even though some are actually needed to ensure food safety and quality. However, we have already removed many of the additives that the Swedish Food Administration still approves, and many of those we use after all, are often quite common in the kitchen at home.

Photo: Felix

We simply want to contribute to a better environment and a better future for our planet and everyone living on it. We want to offer alternatives for those who want to eat ecologically, whether it is for environmental or health reasons. Our organic products have high natural quality and always taste as good as the non-organic. If not better.
Through our cooperation with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, we contribute to making organic farming even more productive and to make our food production more sustainable.

Photo: Felix

Orkla Foods Sverige

With more than 1600 employees, a turnover of over 500 million EUR, and some of the most well-known brands in the country, we are one of Sweden’s leading food companies.
Our head office is located in the southern part of Sweden, in the city of Malmö. However, our production facilities are spread across the country, all the way from Simrishamn in the south, to Vansbro in the north. Orkla Foods Sverige AB is part of the Norwegian Orkla Group, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Photo: Felix