The name Aloba is an acronym of the first letters in our main raw ingredients; algae, oats and barley. With algae from Norway and grains from Sweden, a majority of our products is certified with the label From Sweden.

In addition to a yummy taste, Aloba comes with a number of health and climate benefits. Algae has a positive impact on the ocean and contain high levels of vitamins, fiber and magnesium. Actually, it’s also one of the best natural sources of iodine, a nutrient that is missing from most other foods.

Photo: Aloba

On top of that, Aloba is made from oats, barley and peas which contains plenty of fiber and protein. No need to be afraid that you’re missing out on any nutrition just because you choose plant based more often. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find an even better vibe with a little more Aloba in your life! We certainly think so.


Photo: AlobaToday Aloba is offering a wide range of products: moldable mince, burgers, balls, sticks and sausages. Easy to prepare, easy to enjoy.