We’re the Swedish, vegan and organic food producer for everyone who’s hungry for good, healthy and sustainable food.

Bärta is planet positive! By this we mean that Bärta contributes to less carbon dioxide emissions and better ecosystem functioning – pea farming even gives back nourishment to our farmlands. To top it off, Bärta also has a number of health benefits for us humans.

Photo: Bärta

When peas are fermented we’re helped by microorganisms that change the original raw food ingredient into something a little more fun, yummier and healthier. When fermenting Bärta we use spores from the microfunghi Rhizopus.

Photo: Bärta

In Indonesia, this special mushroom has been used for centuries to turn soy beans into tempeh. Bärta is made from whole grain peas, which gives a different flavour and texture.

The microorganisms eat hard-to-digest substances, breaking down antinutrients and leaving only the good stuff through this fermentation process. They also break down the actual flavour substances into smaller particles, resulting in fermented products tasting more and giving unique flavour sensations.

Photo: Bärta