Bakels Sweden is a Bakels manufacturing Company based in Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of innovative bakery ingredients and application solutions.

Our ingredients are tailor-made for the markets we serve, covering the bread, pastry, cake and confectionery sectors. We produces upwards of 17,000 tons per year, employing 105 people.

Our main focus is on export markets, with over 75% of our sales being outside of Sweden. We sell to craft & large-scale industrial bakeries, distributors & wholesalers in over 80 countries, across the entire world.

We have a broad product range, comprising of several main categories:
• Cake Gels & Cake Improvers
• Shelf-Life Extenders
• Value-added powder products (bread & confectionery)
• Fat-based Sweet Fillings (Remonces)
• Chockex Compound Coatings & Truffle Fillings
• Flavours & Colours
• Pettinice
• Release Agents

When it comes to Cake Gels/Improvers & Cake Shelf-life Extenders, Bakels Sweden is one of the market leaders. Under the Aromatic brand, we offer customer specific, tailored solutions. These being particularly well suited to industrial scale bakeries, our top selling and well-established products being Jilk and Dorothy.

We have vast experience and expertise within this product category, and we are very proud to be the nominated Centre of Competence for this product segment within the Bakels group. We believe that one of our greatest success factors is the technical and application support we offer to our clients. We help them by optimizing their application through the use of our ingredients, to ensure they achieve the optimal finished product.

With this expertise and technical application support, coupled with our modern well accredited large-scale production facility in Gothenburg, our Customers know they can rely on us, and that their bakery ingredient requirements are in safe hands.

Our products offer value added functionality, such as helping streamline the production flow, egg reduction, enhanced aeration, product consistency, increased yields, prolongs shelf-life etc. These are all functions that are highly valued by our bakery customers, ensuring that the end consumer enjoys a pleasant eating experience every time.