Camelina of Sweden is a 100% organic cold-pressed oil from the ancient flowering plant Camelina sativa. This super oil has a round, nutty flavour with generous grass notes, some say it tastes like summer.

Camelina oil is perfect in everything from dressings and marinades to baking. And as it withstands heat better than most other oils (up to 245 degrees C°) without losing its nutritional properties, it is also ideal for roasting, frying, deep frying or even barbequing. Camelina oil is also more resistant to rancidity than most other oils, oh, and did we mention that 2 teaspoons provide you with the daily requirement of omega 3?
In Camelina of Sweden’s flavoured oil, basil and garlic fuse beautifully with the mild, round, nutty notes of the original oil, creating a modern and very aromatic flavour profile with pepper from basil and umami from garlic. Perfect to drizzle over salads, use in sauces and dressings, fry and roast with or use on the grill!

The small, terracotta-brown, dry-roasted Camelina seeds have a surprising amount of exciting uses in the kitchen – as well as a wonderful flavour and aroma! Just like camelina oil, the seeds are rich in omega 3 and vitamin E. They also contain a lot of fibre and as much as 23% protein. Last but not least, they have a flavour that is just as deliciously round, mild and nutty as the oil’s, adding lovely texture to everything from salads, sushi and fish, to baking and breakfast porridge. And they’re just as lovely to eat by themselves as a tasty snack.

Since 2015, under the brand Camelina of Sweden, fourth-generation family company by Ranch are the only agricultural company in Sweden to cultivate and produce 100% organic products made from the ancient plant Gold of pleasure (Camelina sativa) on a large scale.